The greatest of things start small. Through nurturing and love, we can realize these tiny vessels of potential into something spectacular. Let us return to the source, honour the journey, and celebrate the cultivation of a new beginning. galt. issue 05 invites you to reflect on the role of designers as we bring together voices which share stories of origins, potentials, vessels, journeys, cycles, growth, and adaptation.

A seed is a source from which growth stems. Simultaneously old and new, seeds are cyclical, tied to ideas of birth and rebirth. Seeds are vessels; they carry knowledge and travel distances great and small. Seeds explode from fruit pods, stick to fur and feathers, ride the wind, and are buried alive. Seeds hit uncertain ground and dig in.

In this issue we rewind and reimagine – reflecting on our past and planting seeds for our futures. galt. issue 05 is about growth, adaptation, and evolution. It is about looking at the beginnings of things and how they can develop with the right care. Standing on uncertain ground, let us uncover the seeds that have and haven’t been sown.

Send us your proposals: up to 500 words addressing any of these themes at galtpublication.com. We’re accepting all levels of professional or student work, projects, photography, artwork, graphics, craft, writings (including poetry, reflections, or critiques), and other media.
Issue 05 asks:
︎︎︎ Where have seeds journeyed from?
︎︎︎ Which seeds grew beyond expectations?
︎︎︎ Which seeds remain dormant?
︎︎︎ Which seeds must be uprooted and replanted?
︎︎︎ How do we create space for things to grow?
︎︎︎ How can architecture nurture transformation?
︎︎︎ What seeds still need to be sown?


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